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In collaboration with Arswandaru, Woodensun worked up limited collection of illustrated decks dubbed as “No Worries”. Arswandaru is a Jakarta-based illustrator, musician and tattoo artist who mixes nautical and hallucinogenic themes to create unique graphics on this 7.0″ x 23.2″ board surfaces. Woodensun sat down with the artist to talk about his influences in life, the world around him, and to learn about his various endeavors and the process that leads to his rather unique style.

Arswandaru’s career is on the go, he contributed his artwork for Incubus, Monstasurf, Salty Shoes, Nocure Magazine and many other brands and magazines world-wide. The character is blending well with Woodensun that influenced by 60’s skateboard and surfing culture, delirious with Dogtown and Z-boys back on the day.

Available to purchase for IDR 500.000,- you may check out the “No Worries” limited deck collection along with the graphic t-shirt edition on Woodensun’s “Easy and Freeliving” season here.

Woodensun Cruiserboard Teams up With Arswandaru to Create “No Worries“ Limited Deck
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