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Workdone & Co has just released their new Flannel collection and clearance sale on their past products. Flannel has proven to be one of the best outfit for mens, either activities that takes a lot of movement or passive activity. Flannel’s soft and durable characteristic make it as the one of mens favorite outfit.

Read these specifications for your perusal before buying one of their collection. Navy Herringbone Tartan Flannel, made with more vintage fit and herringbone flannel material, herringbone is a pattern from the material, which is soft and durable. Soft Navy Tartan Flannel and Deep violet Tartan Flannel, made with thin and soft materials, the bold color is a definition of modern daily wear. Slubby Light Navy Tartan Flannel, made with Slubby flannel material, when the cotton manufacturer accidentally or intentionally causes irregularities in the fabric by means of knotting or twisting or using a mixture of different fiber lengths. The effect is an uneven, bumpy, hairy, and have a rough texture. While for Grey Denim Accent Tartan Flannel, it is a Flannel with a denim feels, which is durable and thick.

For more information on the availability and pricing of the collection, you can go straight to Workdone & Co website and you can also contact their representatives for inquiries and order at +628170137879. Feel free to check their official Instagram account for the latest updates.

Workdone & Co presents New Tartan Flannel Collection
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