Inspired by riders all over town, Altos Mfck Co. is introducing a new line up in their already clean collection. With the upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 Collaboration, Altos Mfck Co., and Rockabilly Goods is revamping the ready-to-go gear with some of the simplest yet intriguing designs. Fusing both minimalistic approaches, the collaboration endorses a more high-end fashion with their brands. The video teaser ignites a sense of clean and deep look, using a mysterious one white line as the pivot of the upcoming wear.

Humbly taking aim for a wider market, Altos Mfck Co. is also back at the JakCloth Lebaran event in Plaza Tenggara, Senayan on June 18th until 26th. Check their feed out for their latest updates and promos or go straight to their online shop now.

Altos Mfck Co. Sneek Peek On Their Collaboration With Rockabilly
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