As you may never hear of noise or experimental music before, Aneka Digital Safari with their harsh noise grind, quietly nestled deep in the country’s musical underground. Noise music, to conventional music enthusiast, is not music. Heike and Ricky, the founders of the band, believed that noise is not music rather a spiritual connection to what you believe and what you hate and seen as an unknown orgasm. Noise is a pure essence of unbounded emotion that are made to unsettle. It majorly envoys chaotic unrest due to the disturbance it causes.

Aneka Digital Safari complies their music with heavily distorted walls-of-sound from screams, pedals, guitars, and even trumpets. Using stompboxes and mixers to distort and scrutinize the sounds. Behind the distortion, Heickel explains their lyrics are an expression and analogy of the musical soundscape they create and the extremity of their arrangements. They are not merely there for the shock value.

To the underground culture, Aneka Digital Safari is way ahead of time in the experimental music genre. Collaboration was made with Avhath in their latest split tape on May 14th, hear their collaborative sounds here. You can check out Aneka Digital Safari and the noise culture for sure, but it is not for the fainted heart and soul.

Aneka Digital Safari Presents Harsh Noise Grind Music
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