Rangga Moela, member of the hit boy band SM*SH, introduce ED-JEH, a new clothing line that pushes the boundaries for comfortable ready-to-wear clothes. “Eclectic, Eccentric, and Extravagant that represents me,” said Rangga regarding his fashion style that mold ED-JEH to its perfection. The name itself is a slank pronunciation of the word “edgy” which compliments the entire ED-JEH collection. This approach and their designs suits any hypebeast to show off the wide-range of contemporary fashion sense.

Available for all range of genders and age, ED-JEH stocks simple sweatshirts, hoodies, over-sized tees, and numerous unique contemporary outfits. Take a flip at their lookbook and their unique feed to feel the eminence of modern outfits.

ED-JEH Shows Unique Contemporary Outfits
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