Still cruising with all the hype that surrounds it, KZL Projects is at its top of the Indonesian streetwear game. Maintaining the minimalistic designs and some crazy clean visuals, it preserves the state of being loved and adored by Indonesian streetwear enthusiast throughout the years it has established. Exposing numerous perspective of life, freedom, and love to its market, KZL Projects ignites respect for the arts and recognize the values of streetwear itself.

Their new Spring/Summer collection is still on hold but a sneak preview of the lookbook are shown on their Instagram page. It was seen that collaboration was made with the renowned photographer Bludshot a.k.a Sillas from Team Cozy. Expect high-class visuals for KZL SS16 Lookbook and intriguing KZL product line up. Check their feed out for more daily updates!


KZL Projects Maintains Minimalistic Designs and Clean Visuals
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