Limar Kuncara describes itself as a “life’s painting in a clothing”, which can also be seen in the way they provide their clothing line. Taking “Batik” as their main component, Limar Kuncara tries to turn a point in Batik into life dynamics and deep hopes, portrayed in the colors inspired by nights and nature.

Limar Kuncara offers a variety of Batik-based modern dresses that is both suitable for formal and semi-formal occasions. One of their products is called Menur Manyari, a dress with floral Batik patterns completed with black and white strips at the edges. Menur Manyari is just one example of traditional aspects merged with modern ones, creating a masterpiece that is both simple and sophisticated. Get yours by visiting Limar Kuncara Instagram account here.

Limar Kuncara: Life's Painting in a Clothing
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