Alongside the start of Ramadhan, we come across many hidden gems that provide a series of Hijab. MARAMA is one of the Hijab brands we think deserve the acknowledgement. Derived from a Bosnian word that holds a literal meaning of “scarf” or “shawl”, Marama offers a collection of Hijab designed for modern women who embrace the beauty of modesty.

Marama’s shawls vary in colors. Every piece of collection is provided in a color grid, starting from Marina Mist, Classic Blue, up to Pistachio; Simply Taupe, Sand Castle, up to Deep Dopper. These shawls are easy to use and to style, as well as very suitable to complete your daily outfit. Wearing Hijab? Look closer to Marama’s shawl and scarf collection here; purchase some in different colors and make your daily outfit looks even more stylish during Ramadhan.

MARAMA Provides Shawl Collections For Your Ramadhan Looks
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