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Steeze LTD has always had its roots in lawless and irreverent attitudes of 90’s street culture, skateboarding, music, and the youth culture at large. Well said that Steeze LTD has been against the social standard since 2013, now they’re introducing their first drop on 2016 called Never Sleep Again collection. Dad caps are given a colorful yet grunge update with ‘modified’ Nirvana icon emblazoned on the front. Beside the new releases caps, Steeze LTD brings a graphic tees, longsleeve and an extended polo shirt to their collection, signature pieces of the drop include a basic athletic sweatshirt and an embroidered caps.

Be on the lookout for Steeze LTD 1’st drop collection here.

Steeze LTD 2016 First Drop “Never Sleep Again” Lookbook
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