2 decades of playing and expanding their playground, UNKL347 consistently ignites youths passion in various ways and supporting the sub-culture evolution through exceptional design that is more accessible and affordable than ever. Now holding a wide range of market from surfboards to interior goods and experimenting with foods in their new U&KL Kitchen, UNKL347 which based on Bandung is still claiming their top spot in the fashion business. Adding a few fresh headgear in their line up and collaborating with Sembilan Matahari’s web-series, AIRIS, to show off their position in the market.

This community-driven brand is proud to use local hands and materials on every product they produced. UNKL347 also invites everyone to join their June of Fortune campaign with lots of special offers including some free skates and special prices. Check all the details here and drop by their feed to keep track on all of this hype.

UNKL347 is Still Claiming Top Spot in The Fashion Game
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