The uprising of western street brands and Indonesian love for it shows how streetwear has gone mainstream. Anti Social Social Club became the big dog in the industry, the mainly online-based brand of dad caps, shirts, and jackets that easily stands out. Their designs are bold. The caps, for example, are six-paneled and sold in pastel colors. There’s very little information about the brand online even A.S.S. Club website only shows visuals and less, bizarrely abstract. The enigmatic nature of A.S.S. Club could never be defeated by others.

Now what’s more mysterious is the impact it has given to the Indonesian streetwear community. In everyone’s head, you would see dad caps all over the city with Anti Social Social Club on the side, just when a year ago, snapback emerge as the headwear of the season. Many claim that Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, and rappers alike, form the coolness of dad caps but it’s hard to believe if it contributes to anything happening in Indonesia.

What’s forgotten is that Kendal and Kylie Jenner are also at the top of their game, introducing a new fashion statement and maybe a more decent income for the family. Even though it’s unfathomed, the two sisters have a huge impact on Indonesian women lifestyle. So when they both shows out pastel dad caps and looks awesome, people start looking for those as well, especially Indonesian women.

Although dad caps doesn’t deserve a place in everyone’s head, the trending hype is everywhere to be seen. “Girls who wear these clothes aren’t necessarily into streetwear, but they wear clothes with a relaxed fit,” said Neek Lurk, founder and designer of the brand, “I like girls that can pull off wearing a key designer piece mixed with cheap plain basic pieces.”

Anti Social Social Club is still evolving and the trend will stay on for the next couple of year or maybe never, by that time, wear those niche dad caps with pride and live the brand you represent.

The Uprising of Dad Caps and Anti Social Social Club
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