Mischief denim has tons of experience in crafting raw denim since 2006. To fulfill the raw denim purist and heavyweight enthusiast, they proudly introduced Ryūjin, Symbolized the power of blue ocean dragon, characterized by rich indigo color with blue selvage and Ka-Ryū, Symbolized the fire dragon, characterized by more rugged fabric with red line selvage, both as their 23oz heavyweight limited edition denim collection including some unique features such as iron label printed leather patch, button fly with mischief labeled doughnut button, hidden rivets, ecru cotton twill pocket lining, poly cotton thread, and peek a boo selvage detail on coin pocket.

Mischief Denim Division stands for the quality, toughness, and pride in order to create the perfect denim as the documentary to tell the truth story of your adventure. To be the owner of this limited edition denim, you have to spend IDR 1.399.000 which will be worth it as your partner for the next few years. For more info, please visit their website and look at their feed for other denim collection.

23 OZ Ryūjin and Ka-Ryū as Mischief Denim Heavyweight Collection
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