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Started as a final year project of students from Lasalle College International Jakarta back in 2009, ONEANDAHALF soon develops and lives on as an individual brand. During the past years, they have launched various collections and the latest was entitled “Chapter 12: Conceal”. It was inspired by iconic timeless fashion items which resulted in a clean and slouchy silhouette looks. Most of the pieces within this collection are made up of synthetic leather, textured fabrics, cotton jersey and light denim.

Through Conceal, ONEANDAHALF wished to explore variety of grains and textures topped with neutral color that gave the collection a touch of freshness and maturity. To see things in different perspective is what Conceal tried to say through its pieces, and to tell if it has been portrayed well, you may take a look at the collection here.

ONEANDAHALF Presents Latest Collection “Chapter 12: Conceal”
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