After a long time waiting, Nitendo’s Pokemon Go has finally launched in Japan, the birthplace of the little virtual monsters. Niantic Labs, the software company behind Pokemon Go, announced it was finally arrived officially in Japan. This game has been a global phenomenon since it first released in the US on 6 July and now available in more than 30 countries. As an augment reality game on smartphone, it is possible for people to capturing small creatures in public spaces and shows your real surroundings as caught by the phone’s camera.

The mix of virtual and real worlds allows the player to chase and fight with the little monsters on their screens wherever they go. Not only in Japan, Indonesia has also been waiting for the official game to be launched, but it has not happen until now. Even we could find some Pokestop and Gym in few areas in Indonesia together with the blooming of “Pokemon trainers”, the access to download Pokemon Go has to use APK file from internet.

Pokemon Go Finally Releases In Its Birthplace
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