Interesting background story always has its own fascination, just like Voordurend. Started with Vonzealous as a graphic artist in Bali on 2008 shows an artwork entitled “The other side of a Hitler” which believe even Hitler, a “King of War”, had a sense of love and compassion in addition to the cruel, better known by the public. Vonzealous was sure, just as God is created top and bottom, left and right, and various other opposite, it is also applied in Hitler itself. Departing from the impressive idea of the artwork, it becomes the solid foundation of this clothing company.

Dominated by the upper clothing such as t-shirt, sweater, and jacket, Voordurend has more fields to pour their idea on their exotic design. Other than that, they also produce shoes, shorts and caps as the complement for your daily outwear. Voordurend is there to be different for those who believe that Voordurend will always be there. Live with love everyday together with Voordurend that surely attractive in their website and feed.

Voordurend presents The Other Side of Pleasuring Artwork
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