At a time of rapid growth and intense rivalry in the Indonesian market, everybody challenges their self to be the best in their field. It leads many youngsters to start their business by creating a new local brand. As they hustle through the barriers of being an entrepreneur, struggles to hold on the market became visible and leave a question in their mind; Is it worth it to continue or just get out of their business?

Indonesia is one of the biggest and the most rapid developing country in the world that can provide vast amounts of opportunities for people who has the will to mature. In the creative industry, a lot of new brands played it safe. Ideas about food, fashion, and daily utilities have overspread the local scene, following the mainstream of a certain style. This will never be enough to distinguish their presence in the already packed market.

The fault lies in their hesitation to explore the market’s desire rather than just their need. Expanding their views on what the market is hoping for and not enforcing their identity. It is a hard challenge to dynamically change your products which the market will love yet still clinging to the brand’s identity. They are frightened to lose their identity which usually generate uninteresting and dreary goods.

On the other hand, few are willing to explore the market’s appeal. Without putting aside their identity, local brands do a collaboration with each other, either in the same field or another field. In return, each brand can create contrast in their character and easily increase their knowability.


In conclusion, to achieve something big all shortcuts must be put aside. By exploring each market’s needs and understanding their desire, the benefit will be felt in the long run. Never quit on something you have already started.  And by supporting the local brand movement, you’ll play an important role in making creative environments sprout creatives in the industry. Stop admiring international brands and stand with the local movement and pride.

Believing in The Local Movement
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