The fourth quarter of 2016 will be coming soon. For a big company like Apple, this last season is the perfect moment to launch their best gadget for this year and they seem has already prepared to introduce their New Generation of Retina Macbook Pro. An OLED display touch panel is expected at the top of the keyboard and it’s also rumored to include fingerprint scanner Touch ID incorporated into the power button. The function buttons on Macbook have their separate function (volume button, playback media, and screen brightness) which can’t be replace even it’s rarely used. OLED touch screen will replace the function buttons with other useful shortcut based on your preference. Probably, Apple will take advantages from the Touch ID as the authentication in online shopping or Apple Store for iPhone and IPad users.

Just as usual, Apple never speaks even a word about their upcoming products. So, let us hope for the best on the next retina Macbook Pro.

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