Through the collaborative event presented by Art & Science, namely HOMEGROUND, three distinctive local brands, Saturdays – Major Indonesia – Welkin & Spine, is showing off what local hands can do. Displayed in full character and sublime designs, each brand resonates the Indonesian pride of owning local goods.

Saturdays swoop a designer eyewear at a grounding price yet uplifts the quality of its glass. The brand has captivated some influencers in the likes of Dimas Danang and Fathia Izzati, which really tells you how solid Saturdays are.

Prizing premium gentleman goods, Welkin & Spine also devout its way to meet practicality and functionality in a form of genuine leather mixed with high-grade fabrics. With an international crowd in mind, Welkin & Spine designed its products with locally tanned leather and promises a beautifully aged goods with that hint of Welkin & Spine’s gentleman character.

Now for Major Indonesia, a different premium feel is felt through a well-designed and well-thought sturdy wooden comb. Taking a whole different approach in men’s grooming accessories, Major Indonesia also pride its compact design that’ll always fit your travels and its pure Sawo wood with no toxic polishing what so ever. A proud feel is a sense throughout the whole event.

The showcase gave a promising future for Indonesian fashion brands as the quality and the designs are all well thought. Hold on to HOMEGROUND for more curated local brands that’ll give you not just pride but an excitement in calling it our nation’s products.

HOMEGROUND: Showing Off What Local Hands Can Do
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