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IMAJI Studio is a brand established as a platform of the founders’ obsession for creating patterns and experimenting with techniques of fabric dyeing. IMAJI was meant to embody the soul of wabi-sabi, which is a Japanese aesthetic that acknowledges the beauty of imperfection in handmade objects.

In collaboration with Lovethread & Co – a socio-enterprise and a platform for creative and like-minded individuals who desire a change in the fashion industry – IMAJI Studio will be launching their collection called “Mimpi” or “Dreams” in Perth Fashion Festival 2016 for #FashionForGood movement. As a part of the movement, the proceeds of their sales will go directly to help victims of sex trafficking in Bali. While waiting for further information regarding the movement, check out the pictures from their latest collection “Dongeng Alam” by scrolling a little upward.

Imaji Studio to Collaborate with Lovethread & Co for a #FashionForGood Movement
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