Ludger Cloth is one of the creative industries in Indonesia who want to start their business from the fashion industries. The ideology is not very obvious with mostly giving additional stripes on every outfit they make. More than just the regular clothing, it shows a bit of trademark of them with the line on it. By choosing the hype concept, they want everybody looks good with their collection. Therefore, the concept does not very extreme but more likely wearable for everyone who wants to be stand out in fashion.

In Ludger collection line, we can find long tee, bomber jacket, classic stripes shirt until shorts. They also make their products in a very limited quantity, 50 pieces for each product. For now, before introducing the new collection, they have clearance sale for the previous season collection with the limited stock. To get their products and look at their upcoming collection, stay tuned on their feed.

Ludger Cloth Always Produces In Limited Number Of 50
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