With the success of Moto 360 last year, Motorola want to repeat the atmosphere of success this year with Moto 360 2nd Gen. The new Moto 360 has changed quite a bit from its predecessor with various watchstraps, the design on the bezel, the color of the metallic case, and couple size choices of 46mm and 42mm that give you a lot of control over how the watch looks. On the backside, there is a heart rate monitor and it works well on those who are curious about their current heart rate. It can be used during workouts since it come with IP67 certification for resistance against dust and water.

It is a bit of disappointment in the performance of the microphone from a company that has been famously good at sound and voice recognition because it is not work very well even not in loud environment. Motorola brings back the wireless charging dock that gives you space and larger battery of 400 mAh. The price of Moto 360 2nd Gen starts from IDR 4.999.000 for the basic variant.

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