Established back in 2009, Esre is built from our their personal experiences and is inspired by their surroundings. Esre, as a brand, was inspired and also can be defined by several things as follows: motorcycles riding, workers and blues. Each one of those things hold a different meaning to the brand, pushing it further to create even more beautiful pieces, and perform with constant improvement.

Recently, Esre has just introduced their newest work of art, The Gilded Blues. This 15 oz is made out of pure cotton indigo warp and weft selvedge denim fabric from Okayama, Japan. Available in Slip Tapered cut, The Gilded Blues is definitely sutiable for both semi-formal and casual outfit. Take a peek at Esre and its newest release by visiting their website here.

Esre Denim Introduces The Gilded Blues Series
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