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The event Winners and series Champions of all four divisions were crowned in the third and final installment of the Billabong Grommet Attack Series 2016 held at Halfway Kuta Beach sunday afternoon, with a total of 96 grommets participating in the action packed season finale.

Although the wave conditions were less than excellent, only in the 0.5 to 1 meter range and with onshore winds, and the groms were often limited to making only one or two turns per wave, Halfway Boardriders President and Billabong team member Rahtu Suargita had this to say after the finals: “Every contest has its challenges, and we cannot control the ocean, so it’s about how you make the best of the conditions you have. The best surfers can compete in any type of conditions and win and we saw that today, so in a way it’s good because these events are about preparing these young surfers for the future.

The day’s action kicked off at 7:30 in the morning with the 40-strong Under 14 boys Round One competing in small but glassy conditions. Participants in this division included Kian Martin, Dhanny Widianto, Bronson Meidy, Tenshii Ishii and Ryuki Waida who showed off skills way beyond their years in a bid to vie for a finish on the podium. Reception over in the Under 16 Division were not too shabby either, with over 20 participants including familiar faces such as recent Young Guns winner Rio Waida from Bali and Ketut Agus from Padma; and new participant Irawan Dani Asmoro who hails from Java.

The increasingly popular Push-In Division had 24 slots filled up and parents lined up waiting to jump in if someone didn’t show up. The youngest competitor was Zio at just 3 years old, son of pro surfer Mustofa Jeksen. He was joined by kids from other famous surfers such as Rizal Tandjung and Devis Ratif.

The Under 16 Girls division saw 12 girls mixing it up, including last year’s series winner Dhea Natasya and Billabong’s Cinta Hansel, along with current ASC women’s division number one ranked Kailani Johnson, Taina Izquierdo and Summa Longbottom.

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By 3:30 in the afternoon the clouds had rolled in and cooled off the beach, but the action in the water for the finals was hotter than ever. The first final was the Push-In Division (under 12 years old). It was won by Surya Ratif, who’s definitely one to watch out for! Made Balon took second place, which got him the 2016 series championship.

The Under 14 Boys final saw Kuta Beach local Dhanny Widianto dominating the final, jumping into the lead with a 5.86 score on his first wave and then nailing a 7.33. He followed it up with a 6.0-point wave for a combined two wave score of 13.33 points, winning by 4.26 points over a charging Bronson Meidy who ended up in second spot. Widianto’s win also earned him his first Under 14 Billabong Grommet Attack Championship.

The Under 16 Girls division was taken out by Giada Legati in a very challenging 20-minute final, a low scoring affair that saw Taina Izquierdo leading for the first 15 minutes until Giada found a nice little right-hander and blasted it for three turns and 5 points, leaving Taina searching for an answer as time ran out. With her runner-up finish, Taina still won the Under 16 Girls 2016 series championship.

Padma Beach’s Ketut Agus won both the Under 16 Boys final and the Under 16 Boys series championship over recent international Young Guns winner Rio Waida, of which he was immensely proud, saying “I’m so happy to be the only division and series winner today, as it’s my first time to win a Billabong event. It was a long time coming, and being in the final against Rio and winning it….wow so stoked!!!

After all the awards and prizes were given out, Billabong’s Chris Slattery said, “It seems like just yesterday when we were at the first one, and now we’re already looking forward to making things bigger and better next year. It’s so exciting to see the groms moving up in divisions with different winners and champions…from the Push-In to the Under 16 boys…they are looking great!

All the event finalists received goodie bags and trophies from Billabong. For the series champions, the Push-In Division winner received a Rp. 2,000,000 gift certificate from Billabong and a voucher from Pondok Pitaya, whereas the other series champions received a Rp 2,000,000 gift certificate from Billabong, a voucher from Pondok Pitaya, a custom made surfboard from Bruce Hansel Surfboards, and an FCS boardbag.


Series ChampionsUnder 14 BoysUnder 16 BoysUnder 16 GirlsPush-In Division
1. Under 16 Boys: Ketut Agus
2. Under 16 Girls: Taina Izquierdo
3. Under 14 Boys: Dhanny Widianto
4. Push-In: Made Balon
1. Dhanny Widianto
2. Bronson Meidy
3. Tenshii Ishii
4. Ryuki Waida
1. Ketut Agus
2. Rio Waida
3. Sonny Perussel
4. Irawan Dani Asmoro
1. Giada Lagati
2. Taina Izquierdo
3. Dhea Natasya
4. Cinta Hansel
1. Surya Ishii Ratif
2. Made Balon
3. Kai Raymond
4. Nathan Bontje

The Billabong Grommet Attack series is proudly supported by the ASC, Padma Boys Boardriders, Halfway Kuta Boardriders, Gus foundation, Warung Made, Paletas Wey, Pondok Pitaya, FCS fins, Hansel Surfboards, Surftime Magazine and

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