The Balletcats has released its latest collection named The Children of Balletcats. This particular collection depicts the life of adolescents in their dystopian fantasy, called “Children of The Balletcats,” the name of the collection itself. Established in 2008 by Jordan Marzuki and Fatriana Zukhra, their products adopt the tradition of preserving the feline-loving business. The products that are featured in this collection include t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bag, figurine, and poster.

They still maintain their cute and quirky sketches on their apparels, however if you pay attention to details, the vibe of the whole collection is a little bit darker than previous collections. The presence of provocative sketches such as open cut wound, bones, and a cat jumping out of the character’s body is quite gory but suits their dark fantasy theme very well. Other sketches also feel a little bit vicious. There are characters burning, chocked and held at gunpoint by other characters in military uniforms. Check this particular collection and other earlier collections on their website or their Instagram account.

The Balletcats Presents A Collection From Their Dystopian Fantasy “The Children of Balletcats”
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