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Guten Inc is famously known as a brand that produces leather boots and accessories since 2011. However, in November 2016 they added a t-shirt collection to the scope of their products, named the Rider t-shirt. This particular t-shirt is specially made and designed by Guten Inc for motorcycle enthusiasts, hoping to make it in the biker culture.

The navy blue based t-shirt features a printed classic motorcycle sketch with western style fonts on every sentence. The whole sketch is light brown and it has few striking details on it, especially on the motorcycle sketch. Other than Rider t-shirt, Guten Inc has launched another t-shirt collection, which is the Signature t-shirt. You can also find and explore more clothing products by Guten Inc and of course their classic and well-known boots on their website or through their Instagram account.

Guten Inc Launches Rider T-Shirt
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