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Inspired by the variants culture of the world, Rootdiggers MFG Co combines the old with the new. From 1960s vintage clothing, workwear, to military outfits and traditional wear, all well fused to tell its own story. The detailing and workmanship also fit the theme to feature a condensed beautiful product that expresses in ways that Rootdiggers couldn’t even expect. Rootdiggers covers MTO services and also provide a range of fully handcrafted goods ranging from cotton tees, various denim, work vest, sack coats, bandanas, bags and jackets.

Rootdiggers MFG Co is pulling their strings to provide the ultimate value for locals to marinate and enjoy. Visit their feed here for a quick view of Rootdiggers goods and hit their website here to get the full experience of Rootdiggers MFG Co.

Rootdiggers MFG Co: Combining the 1960s with Modern Entities
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