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Lova aims to deliver a simple and casual collection for your daily and special occasion since it was established in 2012. Inspired by things that are found on daily life such as street style, music, movies and vintage style, the brand offers a monochromatic look through its latest range for Spring/Summer 2017 by way of its latest seasonal Soleil lookbook.

Soleil showcases over-sized silhouettes and hues like dark green, navy blue, black, and off-white. The range is chock full of everything from sheer, comfy fleece, semi-denim, and cotton. Here, the perfectly layered ensembles are highlighted by a bevy of standout outerwear, including tops, dresses, and pants with an asymmetric cutting, ruffles, mesh and laces, and stripes for the details. Lova has now made all the items seen in the lookbook available online on their Instagram or purchase them offline at Happy Go Lucky (Bandung), and Uniongoods Co (Bandung).

Lova Released Their Spring/Summer 2017 Lookbook
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