Urban Toy Stage 2017
Catalyst Art is a foundation for local emerging artist, illustrators and creative brands to sell their artworks and art merchandises. This year, they are bringing a fascinating new program dedicated to the local toy makers. Taking venue in Kuningan City on March 3rd – 5th 2017, they present Urban Toy Stage is a toy fair where all toy makers and toy lovers gather, celebrating their passion throughout this event.

Collaborating with notorious artist & toy makers such as Addy Debil, Paskalis Kunang, Black Mavis Toys, The Yellow Dino, and many more, Urban Toy Stage aims to represent a cautiously curated selection of collectible toys, customs, plushies, and more. They also held an advantageous programs like Art Toy Programs, Character Design Competition, Toy Makers Bazaar, Creative Workshops, Music, Live Murals, and any other art activities in order to educate public about the high degree of skills and effort in creating a handmade artwork.

Team up with SOTOY, a Bandung-based toy designers enthusiast, Urban Toy Stage is currently holding a competition dubbed as Toy Custom Challenge, where the best submission will be curated and exhibit during the event. Head over to their Instagram and join the fun.

Urban Toy Stage As An Inevitable Art Fair For The Toy Addicts
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