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Following the latest collaboration with Disney just a month ago, Aye Denim has consistently progressed their label in many ways since its inception. Continuing their breakout hit from the start, the Jakarta imprint has long offered up some of the best streetwear and denim collection, and the 2017 spring/summer collection is no exception.

Dubbed the “Cryptology” collection, the range is sure to satisfy brand fans with a selection of tees, denim jacket, pants, and caps for the warmer months under. The majority of the pieces incorporate bold graphic prints with the brand signature logo. As always you can expect high-quality material, cutting edge construction and a range of bold prints from the cult performance label. Take a look at the full Cryptology collection on their Instagram and shop the collection.

Aye Denim Drops a Graphic Streetwear Apparel For 2017 Spring/Summer Cryptology Collection
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