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Early Adopter is relatively a new brand, but the Indonesian label has sought to deliver its excellent minimalist approach for the modern man’s style. The fashion-forward line aims to please fans of quietly cool ensembles. It’s 2017 Spring/Summer collection is a starting point for fashion aficionados to get familiar with its clean and aesthetic with uncomplicated designs that’ll surely stay in style for years to come.

With proclivity on clean, minimal styling, the seasonal range displays a keenness for subtle silhouettes along with textured fabrics. Marked by an understated color palette of black, grey, neutrals, green and navy blue, the range boasts a bevy of relaxed silhouettes that are perfect for your day-to-day outfits. The collection is chock full of tweaked takes on bombers, trousers, button-downs jacket, all are constructed with elongated cuts, baggy fits and slight details to stand out from the crowd without being conspicuous. Watch out for the collection’s release at their Instagram and shop the outfits.

Early Adopter Presents a Straightforward and Minimalist Ensembles on It's 2017 Spring/Summer Collection
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