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Established in 2013, Chic and Darling is an emerging Indonesian home decor brand based in Jakarta that was found by a housewife and now a mother of two as home based business self-manufacturing in home accessories. The brand has expanded from manufacturing home-goods, continuing to design and produce paper goods, textiles, home-wares, accessories, and more.

Known for its clean, minimal and vibrant aesthetic, each of their products are crafted with an attention to detail, made ethically by manufacturer from their local community and sustainable partnership with many local makers. With a beautiful choices of pillows, rugs, tablewares and even baby blanket, bags and pouches, Chic and Darling’s products are definitely hard to resist. Click here to see some new arrivals and make sure to purchase.

Get Your Home A Cozy Ambiance With Chic And Darling's Home Decor Collection
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