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Established in 2009, JAQ started with the an idea of crafting thoughtfully-designed and expertly-made bracelets with Swarovski crystal. As the pioneer in bringing the new innovative Swarovski fashion accessories, JAQ gives not only qualities but also great services. The brand has since expanded into an expansive crystallized Swarovski accessories from ring, tie bar, bag charms, and key hangers, and more – but their bracelets remain the centerpieces of each season.

In order to create an elegance and uniqueness, JAQ has carefully designed and selected their materials with an eye for the smallest detail. Made with a unique blend of materials and versatile designs, all of the bracelets are a timeless, well-made accessory that available in a variety of wearable colors. Whether worn alone or in a mix-and-match combo, each of their bracelets provide a great finishing touches to your outfits. You can check out their collection here or make some purchase at JAQ’s store at Plaza Indonesia.

JAQ Men Offers A Manly Accessories With Its Premium Leather Bracelet
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