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Established in 2013, Jakarta’s imprint White Collar Concept, however, knows the power of simplicity in all forms – lines, fabrics, and styles. For this season, the brand offers a modern workwear in its new collection. Titled “Sephora“, the selections are simple yet intriguing at the same time. While minimalism has been the go-to apparel, the Sephora collection is one that doesn’t limit itself to being in for just a season.

An air of effortlessness encompasses simple yet impressive pieces like the off-shoulder top, sleeveless top, cropped pants feature an asymmetric cutting, ruffles, and patterns. And even the structured pieces garments easy, soft hues of beige, white, red, blue, and black constructed into elevated dresses and blouses. The pieces are meant to transcend and be worn anytime. Take a look at the whole lookbook here and don’t forget to make some purchase.

White Collar Concept Unveils The "Sephora" Collection For S/S 2017
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