It was sure a happy night for nostalgic music enthusiasts as Guruh Soekarno Putra’s Swara Gembira managed to host many great performances from past to current Indonesian musicians. Located at The Pallas SCBD on August 18th, it was also one of the great celebrations of Indonesia’s Independence as many of the finest Indonesian old-skool songs were performed.

The show opener was the Indonesian diva, Vina Panduwinata who entertained us and the audiences with her everlasting soft yet powerful voice in performing her ballad. There was also Djajusman Djoenoes with his sturdy baritone voice, the legendary Keenan Nasution, Chaseiro, Tika Bisono, and several other familiar faces and voices like Glenn Fredly, Kunto Aji, and Vira Talisa.

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Glenn performed Gelora Asmara while Kunto Aji and Vira Talisa sang their own renditions of the famous Galih dan Ratna. Then of course, among all the great performers, Guruh Soekarno Putra’s Swara Maharddhika performed many choreographies of Indonesian traditional dances that were fused with modern influences of contemporary movements.

After all the performances, Guruh made his remarks by thanking all the performers and expressing his gratitude for the success of Malam Gembira. He also added some Indonesian pride talks and with his thundering voice, he shouted “Merdeka!” followed by the audiences in order to mark the 72nd Independence of Indonesia.

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With the 80s songs theme, it attracted a diverse audience demographic. In terms of the age range, we can see that there were many teenagers and young adults who attended the concert. However, dads, moms, uncles, aunties, and even the grannies were also dominating the audience as they relived the memories of their youthful eras.

One thing that wasn’t very pleasant was the start of the concert was too long considering the open gate time. The audiences can go in since 18.30 but the concert started at around 21.45. The rest of it was great since it wasn’t another typical concert. It brought back all the memories of tuneful Indonesian songs during the 80s.

These nostalgic songs always have that specific charm which can’t be heard on today’s music. Every decade has its own signature melodies and styles which is not repeatable. Bringing it back was refreshing and we are currently waiting for Swara Gembira 2018 with more performers and improved concepts.

Reviving Happiness Through Nostalgic Music at Swara Gembira
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