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Mantra Vutura is an electronic/house duo formed in Jakarta in 2016 by Zaki Danubrata and Tristan Juliano. The name ‘Mantra Vutura’ meant to represent their music, which has two main aspects of it. ‘Mantra’, or spells, describing the native side adapted from traditional cultures such as traditional chanting and percussion played by Zaki, while ‘Vutura’, derived from the word future, representing the futuristic side they bring with electronic music played by Tristan. They are currently signed with Double Deer Records, one of the leading labels in Jakarta’s electronic music scene after released their first single Un Deux Troise on January, and performed at Pop Up Market 2017 and Law Night Festival earlier this year.

With high anticipation from their audience, they are set to release their debut EP today, September 22th at Queenshead Kemang. The EP, titled ‘Solar Labyrinth’ will tell the story of Mantra Vutura’s journey. The show will be opened by Artificial, Anja and Harvy. It is free for all and opens for public; so we encourage you to come and experience their music together with us.

Mantra Vutura Will Launch Their Debut EP ‘Solar Labyrinth’ Today
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