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Established in Bandung 2010, Hijack Sandals is a brand focusing on ergonomic, traditional craftmanship, comfort and modern aesthetics sandals. Recently, they met Nemonic Design – a Bandung based textile studio – in pursuance of brainstorming their ideas and thoughts together. As a result of their sharing session, Hijack came to a conclusion that Nemonic Design shares the same passion and curiosity with them in which led to a collaboration between the two.

The collaboration product is called Nemonic, a pair of slip-on sandals crafted with a combination of Hijack’s aesthetic design and Nemonic’s specialty of handmade marble painting, creating a limited and wearable artwork. It is available in 2 different choice of colors: Blue and Green. With this product, Hijack and Nemonic want to share their value of craftsmanship, the purpose behind it and also the beauty of it. Even though they still need a lot of improvement on the components and the whole build quality, The first batch of the sandals is already sold out and restock is in progress, keep updated through their Instagram to secure your piece.

Hijack Sandals Collaborated with Nemonic Design to Make a Statement of Craftmanship
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