Sagara Neighbourlist Nov 2017 – 7
Sagara Neighbourlist Nov 2017 – 4

Sagara Bootmaker‘s first ever Instagram contest ‘Operation Skull and Bomb’ has nearly come to its end after running for almost 1 month. Collaborated with Oldblue Co., Stockroom: Trade & Dishes and us, the contest consists of 4 missions with different themes.

As we all know, Indonesia’s economy is ascending day by day thanks to movement of the independent creative industry. Every component in the industry works together to pursue the same vision: to elevate Indonesia’s name in the international market in their own way, such as Sagara Bootmaker and Oldblue Co. as two of the local brands which focuses on producing high quality goods. To support the brands, there is Stockroom: Trade & Dishes with their role as a vessel for local brands to showcase and sell their products, and also us – Neighbourlist – as a media which provides all the information related to the whole industry. Not only that, everyone can also give a contribution to the industry to help them grow bigger and better each day even with just simple sentences.

That is why for the fourth mission of Operation Skull and Bombs, every contestant has to post their opinion, hopes or dreams for Indonesia’s local creative industry on the comment section right below this article. The mission starts today, November 28th until December 1st. We will drop a message on every contestant’s inbox who has shared their opinion with us on the comment section below and expect to see the last part of the code needed for the secret gathering location for #WarhorseOSNB or the encrypted website link for #WarbirdsOSNB. Congratulations for every contestant who has come this far, we wish you guys good luck for the final mission. Again, here are some of the submission for the latest mission.

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The Last Mission of Sagara Bootmaker's Operation Skull and Bombs: Now it's Our Turn.
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