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In this modern era, carpentry is not for everyone’s typical first choice of job. However, that is not the case for these guys from Rootslab. Instead of continuing their lives as regular office workers, Gerald Stefanno, Fin Kasali and Paulus Pandu chose to explore their passion in creative industry; focusing on woodworks. The idea first sprouted in 2015, when they went on a trip around Java and came across a group of wood craftsmen in Banten. Who knew a few exchanging conversations with them led to a growing interest in woodworks.

They built a workshop in Bekasi, and started with not only crafting and transforming raw materials into finished products, but also re-imaigining what is possible and change how they experience the world around them. They aspire to preserve the human aspect in each piece of their work: applying local wisdom from experienced craftmen and experimenting on modern methods and technology in order to create a state-of-the-art furniture with traditional and rich of culture vibe in it. Find out more about them here.

Rootslab Explores Their Passion in State-of-the-Art Wooden Furniture
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