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Sagara Bootmaker‘s first ever Instagram contest Operation Skull and Bombs has reached third mission. Collaborated with Oldblue Co., Stockroom: Trade & Dishes and us, the contest consists of 4 missions with different themes.

The first mission requires the contestant to take a photo of their Sagara article with any traditional or cultural heritage–such as sculpture, building and musical instrument. The second mission is to mix their Sagara article with denim and every contestant who combine their Sagara with denim from Oldblue Co. gets a rank promotion. The photos have to be posted on every contestant’s Instagram account.

For the third mission that started on November 24th, Sagara challenged every contestant to post their full outfit with Sagara combined with any other local brands they have. The contestant who takes a photo with Oldblue Co. jeans or brands that are available in Stockroom: Trade & Dishes will get another rank promotion, which will be beneficial for them on Sagara’s next Operation. This mission will run until December 1st along with the fourth mission which will start tomorrow. We will announce how to execute the last mission tomorrow so stay tuned for any further details. Congratulations for every contestant who has come this far, and good luck for your upcoming mission. You can see some of the contestant’s submissions for the second mission below.

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The Third Mission of Sagara’s Operation Skull And Bombs Has Already Started
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