Closing the year, we are going to take you for a trip down memory lane. Looking back, 2017 has been great to some extent. Numerous distinguishable progresses and creative developments were carried out by our fellow brands, communities, and events throughout the year. Even with some ill-starred incidents and conflicts, 2017 was not only positive for the local industry, it was also a great year for us, the #NEIGHBOURTEAM.

Behind our desks and screens, we had the honour to document all the strides and witness the steady evolution of the industry. Therefore, here we proudly present you several noteworthy stories and updates that have been posted on our website.

We begun the year of 2017 by celebrating Unkl 347’s 20th anniversary. They released the celebratory collection of Us & Kind of Life. It was an ample start but the release of our pilot project, the #NEIGHBOURTUNES was even better. Aside from fashion, music has always been widely covered by us.

2017 was the year of many music festivals. Starting with the 7th Music Gallery in March where we had the chance to conduct an exclusive interview with HONNE. Approaching the mid of 2017, it seemed like the revival of 80s music with events like Swara Gembira and Suara Disko. Not to mention, We the Fest which was visited by President Joko Widodo, just like Toko Kopi Tuku.

Collaborations were also frequently occurred. Starting with Sphere Society X LLOWE Jakarta, Nikicio White Label alongside Sixteen Denim Scale, Urban Hustler 2.0 by Makna Creative X Sixteen Denim Scale, Public Culture with the lovely Peggy Gou, and the eminently Darbotz X DC Shoes. A noble example on how locals can be impactful globally.

Moving on, we managed to throw our initial offline activation event by conducting Outfit Contest during Wall of Fades 2017. Wall of Fades was one among many pop-up events that we attended. There were Pop Up Market 2017 and Brightspot Market 2017 which resulted in a set of videos for our first video production project.

The list goes on with many good and bad news. We recovered from the closure of Vans Indonesia which gladly reopened in September, visited both Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week and Men’s Fashion Week, and went critical and investigative with the Thanksinsomnia IKEA Frakta Hoodie. Then, probably being one of the ultimate highlight was when we were invited to witness the upcoming Asian Games infrastructure progress at Gelora Bung Karno.

At this point, we almost lost count as there are literally innumerable occurrences happened this year. Phantasma Studio released the unapologetically dark Black Majik collection, Telkomsel got hacked, and we took a stand on our political perspectives with the thought-provoking Man the Fuck Up, Jakartans! article.

We are sure that if we go on with the list, we end up creating a book or a magazine. Speaking of magazine, what if we create a printed NEIGHBOURLIST magazine? Let us know if it is a good idea!

Furthemore, we have compiled all of the newsworthy articles into a recap video at our Instagram story today. Please enjoy while reminiscing the memories of 2017.

Subsequently, accompanied by the sound of trumpets and blaring fireworks in the distance, we can move on and open the new 2018 page. Penning down many more interesting stories, thoughts, and coverages of the growth of the local industry in several aspects. Au revoir 2017! And welcome 2018, cheers, Neighbours!

A Full Recap of What Happened in 2017
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