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After a month full of side-missions with different themes, the final mission of Sagara Bootmaker’s Operation Skull and Bombs had come to an end. Two teams consist of #warhorseOSNB as the offline soldier and #warbirdsOSNB as the online intel had two different final missions, where the former group had to race each other to get the medallion and the latter group had to answer one final question in the encrypted website to get the grand prize.

On December 2nd, Sagara Bootmaker hosted a secret gathering event at a covert location in Bandung – which later revealed to be at Rumah Kebon Cengkeh as the peak event of their first ever contest. The event started around 7PM after a brief introduction by Bagus Satrio from Sagara as well as his comrades Ahmad Hadiwijaya from Oldblue Co., Gregorius Andre from Neighbourlist and Jean Tora Thosan from Stockroom: Trade & Dishes.


All remaining #warhorseOSNB contestants were given a chance to introduce themselves, followed by a little presentation by Bagus Satrio about the grand prize: A limited edition of Sagara Civilian Boondockers which was made out of oxblood rough out leather, hand-painted OSNB Logo and Sagara’s insignia and Dr.Sole #1081 Brown Cork Full Sole.

The main event started not long after that, accompanied by live shoemaking from the Sagara team. The contestants were required to search for a medallion hidden somewhere in the venue. With only just a hint of “a sound that indicates that the war has begun”, the contestants started to sweep all over the place. After a while, Yudha Prawira found the medallion on the Trumpet Flower nearby.


A celebration ensued, followed by an announcement for the #warbirdsOSNB winner Adam Rahmansyah. There were also announcements for two additional winners: Yusuf Zulkibri as the winner of Best Patina, chosen by Ahmad Hadiwijaya and Yohanes Surya as the winner of Best Pictures, chosen by Gregorius Andre and Jean Tora Thosan.

It was all fun and games afterwards. Everyone was having fun at the warm and intimate event. It was really nice to see a brand that is well engaged by it’s customers, and the customers really gave their utmost support for the brand. Hats off to Sagara, all of the partners and everyone involved for the contest and also the gathering event. See what went down here.

The War Has Come to an End: Operation Skull and Bombs is Finally Over
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