Aldi Tirta Pratama, or widely known by his moniker Altar of Sorrow is an illustrator from Cipanas. Flaunting his strong dotting and stippling characteristic, he creates an image or a pattern simulating varying degrees of solidity or shading by using lots of dots. Altar of Sorrow has collaborated with many local and international bands, including US black metal duo Cultus Profano, Milan one-man black metal band The Clearing Path and Belgium sludge unit Amenra to name a few.

Just a while ago, Altar of Sorrow held a solo exhibition at Temporal Platform, Bandung with the help of Maternal Disaster. The exhibition lasted for two weeks, from January 6th until 18th where he displayed his occult, grim and macabre creations. Feast your eyes on his illustrations here.

Altar of Sorrow Flaunts his Stippling Technique Through his Grim Artworks
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