At the end of 2017, Kal Akkara revealed something new in their assortment of impeccable goods. Still drawing elements from the vast cultures of Indonesia, the product is called the Koya pouch. It is the fruitation of a collaboration with the emerging designer Gusti Sagara. The pouch is substantially inspirited by the Baduy tribe of Banten, Indonesia.

It features extraordinary linings that are crafted traditionally by the Baduy people from the bark of Teureup tree, noteworthy for its fortitude and durability. The name ‘Koya’ itself is directly linked to the renowned Koja Bag of Baduy, which is used to carry belongings as they travel for miles on foot. To further celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship, a genuine Koja bag will also be included in the package upon purchase. Check out the latest from Kal Akkara here.

Appreciating the Craftsmanship of Baduy with Kal Akkara's Koya Pouch
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