The announcement is definitely quite surprising to us. Skateboard is mostly considered to be a street and rebellious sports considering its culture. It seems unthinkable that it will be added as a sport branch to an international sporting event such as Asian Games 2018. Nonetheless, Asian Games 2018 officially appends the Roller Sports branch which includes roller skate and skateboard.

The national athlete selection will begin on January 30th at BSD XTreme Park. Only eight skateboarders will be picked to compete in four categories; Skate, Park, Best Trick, and Game of Skate. Two gold medals are expected from this branch. Aside from competing in Asian Games, the event is also prepared to scout potential Indonesian skateboard athletes to be competing at the 2020 Olympic. Catch the updates of Asian Games 2018 by visiting their website.

Asian Games 2018 Announces the Newest Addition to the Sport Branch, Skateboard
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