Jackhammer Co. unveils another entry in their series of tees collection. This time it revolves around the theme of Barista and coffee making. A Barista is a person who has extensive knowledge about coffee and prepares, decorates and serves drinks to the customer. One requires accuracy and precision when making a cup of coffee as well as the passion for the coffee world itself.

As a result of their determination and devotion, Jackhammer Co. deemed them worthy to be commemorated in the form of clothing. The Barista Series has three designs with distinctive colorways. Each of which tells the equipment and techniques in making coffee also an experienced Barista figure. Each tee were priced IDR 150.000, but you can get a special bundle price if you get it all in one go. See the full article on the website.

The Barista Series by Jackhammer Co. Commemorates the Profession of Baristas
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