The young Indonesian rap phenomenon Brian Imanuel decided to change his renowned stage name Rich Chigga and starts to perform under his first name, Brian. Last year, he told The New Yorker that he regretted taking the name Rich Chigga. He also added that he doesn’t want to offend anyone and has been considering to change his name for quite some time, as stated in the interview with Fader. Previously, he drew a lot of backlash for the name and we are really proud with his decision, believing that he no longer needs to worry about the racial implications contained in his past moniker.

Furthermore, he also released a new song called “See Me” off his upcoming debut album ‘Amen‘. If you haven’t followed him on Twitter, go find him in his new handle @iambrianimanuel.

Brian Imanuel Drops the Name Rich Chigga and Releasing "See Me"
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