Skin care is mostly associated with female and it seems very taboo for a man to publicly use skin care. Nevertheless, Bro Daily Network tries to solve the common misconception by reviewing Innisfree skincare for their opening episode. With an all-male casts, the review is quite decent to some extent and unsurprisingly comedic, since most of them are Ask FM royalties.

These guys are Muhammad Sofyan (@bangsop), Alexander Kusuma Praja (@alkupra), Radhitio Anindhito (@walktalkdress), and our own #NEIGHBOURTEAM, Jean Tora Thosan (@jeanbannon).

A noteworthy scene is when an erotic woman suddenly pops out of nowhere on the coach and basically being naughty. Quite an unpredictable twist. Good editing too. However, don’t get distracted and let’s appreciate the main goal of the video which is not to make a fuss when a man is wearing skin care. Face treatment is universal and genderless. Hit the play button to watch it by yourselves.

Bro Daily Network Episode 1: Reviewing Skincare Bro Style
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