BROS in The Box was born out of passion for food and beverages with street-food concept. BROS stands for Burger Rice Bowl of South Jakarta and as the name implies, the restaurant has two base mainstays: burger and rice bowl.

BROS in the box offers flavorous set of menu with reasonable price yet still put the taste in the forefront. Try their delicate Mushroom Cheeseburger with extra egg and onion string to feel their highly addictive mushroom sauce. Order their Dori Sambal Matah if you opt for rice bowl. Made with butter rice with pan-fried dori fish mixed with chili sauce, the menu will doubtlessly satisfy your tongue and fulfill your tummy.

Their first outlet was located at Hanglekir, Jakarta. Through out the year they opened another new outlet Panglima Polim even expanded outside Jakarta, including Malang and Bali. Although they bear the concept of street-food, the restaurant still provides a comfortable space, suitable to hangout with your friends.

BROS in the Box Serves both Burger and Rice Bowl
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