Chlorine Clothe was born from the idea sparked by Erine Anastasia and Melly Dumi to offer women’s basic wardrobe essentials with buoyant and gaudy design, embracing the ladies with the sense of vivacity and allure. To commemorate last year’s Christmas, the brand collaborated with the fashion enthusiast and digital influencer Elxi Elvina, exuding new collection named Fiberous.

Fiberous displays a variety of garments, spanning from crop pants, palazo, coat, shirt, dress, outer and more. Aside from the muted shades such as maroon, grey and navy, the collection also highlights the application of tartan plaid pattern as seen on some of the articles. Each piece saw the usage of comfortable material including wool and velvet material to add up the coziness, as well as complimenting the whole apparel. Head over to their website to grab your favorite.

Fiberous: A Collaboration Between Chlorine Clothe and Elxi Elvina
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