2017 was packed with heaps of amazing games. We got NieR: Automata, Persona 5, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds to name a few. It was a strong year for the gaming industry with all the release and frankly, it will be hard to top the lineup with the soaring expectations.

However, a lot of of electrifying games were expected to come out in 2018, from new promising titles to highly-anticipated sequels. It’s still too soon to say that 2018 will be as impressive as 2017 in terms of quality releases, but from the way we look it, it is already progressing to be a fascinating year. As such, we’ve listed some of the highlights for you to keep an eye on. Note that this subjective list is in no particular order.

Monster Hunter: World

The fifth installments of Capcom’s most certainly popular franchise in Japan. Monster Hunter: World is a third-person action role-playing game set in an open world environment, where players can take on the role of a hunter that explores the living ecosystems and slays humongous beasts. Expect to see a wealth of equipments, seamless transition between maps and four player global co-operative play. Start your hunt on January 24th.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a follow-up to the epic Wild West action-adventure game by Rockstar Games, the creator of Grand Theft Auto. Set to be a prequel, the game follows the story of Arthur Morgan, a member of a bandit gang led by Dutch van der Linde – the main antagonist of the original game. Experience the harsh environment of heartland America this Spring, now with online multiplayer feature.

God of War

God of War is the upcoming sequel to God of War III and also serves as the reboot of the franchise. It can be seen on the new gameplay mechanic and the implementation of Norse mythology. Join Kratos and his son Atreus in an visceral journey on a new savage land while also defending themselves against hordes of Nordic creatures. This title is set to release this March exclusively on Playstation 4.

Far Cry 5

After we got the chance to explore the ancient times on the predecessor Far Cry Primal, the new Far Cry 5 will set in the rural USA. Taking place in Montana, we will take the character of a newly assigned sheriff deputy to take down Eden’s Gate–a cult with a warped sense of morals and religious fanaticism that have corrupted a small town of Hope’s County. Look out for Far Cry 5 on March 27th.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the twelfth installment in the crossover series between the worlds of Disney with Square Enix’s Final Fantasy, yielding a surreal yet dainty action-adventure game. Play once again as Sora alongside his best friends Donald and Goofy as they travel across various flashy and exciting universes, interacting with both entity’s line of characters.

Five Upcoming Games of 2018 Worth Trying For
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